まくる is a grammar point used to indicate that an action is done with reckless abandon.

Today whilst browsing Twitter I came across an interesting verb suffix I had never seen before – (まく)

まくる follows a verb’s masu stem and is used to indicate that an action is done with reckless abandon. In the example from twitter you can image someone playing guitar energetically.

Here are some more examples:

  • 学生は一晩中さわぎまくった。
  • 少年はゴールに向かって走りまくった。
  • 休みの日は、カラオケで歌いまくっていました。

Outlier Kanji Dictionary

Kickstarter for a new kanji dictionary delving into the historical development of kanji.

The Outlier Kanji Dictionary project on Kickstarter looks like a fantastic idea! I found learning the radicals extremely helpful for learning kanji and with more depth into the historical development of kanji this dictionary seems like it would be an interesting reference.

Check out the project video:

日本語の森 - My Favourite Japanese Learning Resource

日本語の森 is a YouTube channel which provides excellent free Japanese lessons.

My favourite resource for learning Japanese is the YouTube channel 日本語の森nihongo no mori). It is a highly accessible and fun resource which features videos explaining grammar, kanji and vocabulary at all levels. The majority of videos are mostly organised by JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) level. The majority of videos do not feature English but I think this is a fantastic way to create a more immersive experience for intermediate level learners and helps to get into the habit of thinking in Japanese. [Read More]